TV wardrobe for the bedroom

The only visible element is the TV. Almost as if it were a painting, it is framed by a functional wardrobe for storing clothes and bedroom items. The panel opens up to reveal even more space, allowing you to use the back. The entire composition can be designed in the sizes and finishes of your bedroom area.
System: Freedhome
Designer: R&D Caccaro
In photo: L 402,5 cm - P 62,7 cm - H 263,6 cm

Multimedia for your home theatre

With the exception of the TV, which always remains within sight, everything is concealed behind the geometry of the doors for a clean, linear look.

Clothes, books and objects disappear from view, finding their place in one large storage module. Electrical wires disappear, collected and hidden thanks to the special grommet holes.

In the multimedia compartment you can place the decoder, your favourite consoles, Bluetooth speakers or the voice assistant.

The wire mesh flap allows the signal to pass through, so you can manage all of your devices in an orderly manner, hiding them from view and creating a solution that is both organised and functional.

Why an opening TV stand?

Everything within sight, everything within reach!

This opening TV stand solution offers you on the one hand the pleasure of a TV set, and on the other even more space to store your most precious items.

Voilà: the TV panel rotates 45 or 60 degrees, depending on the depth of the module, and reveals a secret compartment, organised into convenient shelves.  

The module can be chosen in two versions: with or without a multimedia compartment.


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