Custom-made sideboard with Bookcase

The convenience of the sideboard meets the geometric elegance of the Bookcase. The modularity of Caccaro's modules allows you to create the ideal solution for your needs and find the perfect rhythm for your home and your space. A meeting of refined lines that guarantees the quality of Made in Italy design.
Sistema: Freedhome
Designer: Monica Graffeo
In photo: L 300 cm - P 35,5 cm - H 72 cm

The balance of asymmetry

This sideboard is characterised by an asymmetrical and lively movement. The two alternating, mirrored Bookcases present a variation in the width of the compartments that gives character to the composition.

The simplicity of this sideboard finished in Ombra is matched by the richness of Oxid Bronzo, which animates the back of the Bookcase, making it shine with its own light. Each Oxid lacquered product is unique: the characteristic cloudy effect, in fact, comes from careful manual abrasion that makes it original and unrepeatable.

The leds embedded in the Bookcase dividers, here in the Nero Stout version, give this sideboard depth and thickness. The result is a play of light and shadow that completely transforms your wall.

Tailoring in your living room

The modules of the Wallover System can be put together at will to create your ideal living room.

This made-to-measure sideboard is fully customisable, not only in terms of dimensions. You can choose the finish of the base units, from the various offers in the Caccaro palette, the type of door and the positioning. The sideboard can be wall-mounted or placed on various types of feet, equipped with doors, drawers or a mix of the two.

The Bookcase module is characterised by an incredible attention to detail: 45-degree joints and discrete one centimetre thicknesses to leave more space for your books and art objects.


Bianconeve Bianconeve
Bianco 9010 Bianco 9010
Nero Stout Nero Stout
Rugiada Rugiada
Fumo Fumo
Grafite Grafite
Gesso Gesso
Polvere Polvere
Ombra Ombra
Sabbia Sabbia
Tundra Tundra
Pece Pece
Cielo Cielo
Ardesia Ardesia
Indaco Indaco
Salvia Salvia
Cenere Cenere
Terra Terra
Borgogna Borgogna
Cotto Cotto
Amarone Amarone
Sahara Sahara
Savana Savana
Mattone Mattone
Quarzo Quarzo
Scoglio Scoglio
Kera Invisible White Kera Invisible White
Kera Marquinia Black Kera Marquinia Black
Kera Sahara Noir Kera Sahara Noir
Oak Oak
Walnut Walnut
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus
Lamé Bianconeve Lamé Bianconeve
Lamé Rugiada Lamé Rugiada
Lamé Fumo Lamé Fumo
Easy Oak Easy Oak
Easy Walnut Easy Walnut
Easy Eucalyptus Easy Eucalyptus
Ferro Ferro
Rame Rame
Bronzo Bronzo
Titanio brunito Titanio brunito
Piqué Piqué

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