Living area composition with glass doors

When the environment is large and multifunctional, the need for storage doubles: this is where Freedhome expresses its best. The TV set, fixed to an opening panel, and ample storage compartments that accommodate the objects that populate the living room are housed in a single solution. The result is a TV cabinet composition that is perfect for a modern, minimalist environment, complemented by a wardrobe with a glass door with a Total opening system.
Sistema: Freedhome
Designer: R&D Caccaro
In photo: L 427,5 cm - P 62,7 cm - H 263,6 cm

TV stand... and more!

The opening TV stand module is designed for 40- or 50-inch TVs and turns 60 degrees, revealing a compartment organised into convenient shelves. This way, even the space at the back becomes a valuable ally for keeping your living room tidy.

The maximum rotation of the TV panel facilitates access to the hidden compartment, the perfect place to store remote controls when not in use.

Underneath the opening TV panel you can find the multimedia compartment. A space dedicated to soundbars, decoders or consoles.

The front is made of a Lacquered metal mesh in a colour uniform to the fronts, that allows radio signals to pass through. The interior is lined with acoustic fabric for a high-level sound experience. Cables run invisibly on the back of the module to only leave the screen in view.

Also available without multimedia compartment.

Design your wall

The openable TV module integrates with all the other modules of the Freedhome System, as in the proposed composition with the elegant showcase.

You can also decide to embellish the bottom of the module with a contrasting finish to increase its aesthetic value and highlight its contents.

As in every Freedhome module, you can play with the integrated lighting, transforming the showcase into a light source to change the atmosphere of the room.


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