End module

The surprise ending that makes your large storage system even more functional. The end module completes and closes your composition beautifully, allowing you to exploit its end with shelves or clothes hooks. The end module remains open to keep in view only what you use most or needs to be at hand. Everything else you can hide behind the doors of your Freedhome composition.
Sistema: Freedhome
Designer: R&D Caccaro

Much more than a flank

The end module gives new functionality to the side of the wardrobe, transforming it into an additional storage opportunity. This way you can exploit every single centimetre of its depth to store books or small household items.

You can make it functional for different environments in your house, thank to Made in Caccaro tailoring. With bench and hooks it becomes the an entrance solution in the name of organization. In the living area it transforms in a convenient bookcase to hold your books and magazines. Or, in the bedroom, with hangers and shelves it turns into the perfect ally to keep your favourite clothing at your fingertips.

You can choose between two different versions of this module: with single or variable depth. Both offer the designing space to create your ideal composition in every room of the house.


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