Walk-in closet with island

The walk-in closet of your dreams without the need for plasterboard and with all the space you need for clothes, shoes and accessories. The combination of open and closed modules and freestanding elements, such as the central island, increase storage to accommodate the wardrobe of all seasons. Linear, L-shaped or U-shaped: Cabina adapts to your space and needs.
Sistema: Freedhome
Designer: R&D Caccaro
In foto: L 402,5 cm and 360 cm - P 62,7 cm and 57,5 cm - H 263,6 cm

A dream come true

The central island is super-equipped to transform an everyday gesture into a boutique-like experience. The drawer unit is double-sided to give you convenient grid shelves on one side and full-extension drawers on the other.

The glass top allows you to see the entire selection of accessories displayed on the Easy Leather covers at a glance.

The side bench is a convenient place to put your shoes.

Maximum freedom of configuration

Shoe racks, shelves, hangers, grids, drawers, trouser racks: you decide how to configure Cabina.

You can also decide to combine it with a closed module to protect your most precious clothes.

The aesthetics of the wall change with the materials and finishes: play with the colour combinations of the back, the reflections of light on the glass and the grain of Caccaro’s essences.


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