Side View

Separating without dividing: the combination of storage and space organisation gives birth to Side View. The Side sideboard meets the View partition and something completely new is born. A composition suitable for dividing rooms in the home without the need for structural work. The sheet, called Screen, is inserted into the aluminium frame of View and creates a balanced see-through effect, while the back of View opens up to multiple functions.
System: Freedhome®
Designer: Monica Graffeo
Misure del prodotto in foto: L 200 cm - P 53,3 cm - H 198 cm

Maximum flexibility

Side View is a smart and multifunctional piece of furniture, ideal for rationalising large spaces.

In this example, a capacious Side sideboard is combined with a frame equipped with shelves. Like all Caccaro solutions, dimensions, finishes and internal fittings of the sideboard are totally customisable.

The View frame accommodates all the lacquers in the Caccaro palette, creating combinations in continuity or contrast with the sideboard.

Much more than a partition. The back of View can be equipped with multiple accessories. Many functions to meet the needs of the room in which it is placed.
If used in the entrance area, for example, it can be enhanced with shelves, hooks and a full-length mirror. If destined for the living area, instead, it can become a compact bookcase with practical shelves of particularly slim thickness.


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