Filesse is a bed that makes cleanness its strong point. True to a minimalist style, it is totally redesigned in its proportions and revised in its finishes. The characteristic S-shaped profile creates a curved surface that outlines the headboard and follows the natural posture of the back.
Designer: Monica Graffeo

A comfort to be taken literally

Sinuous in the stroke, soft in the design, comfortable in the headboard. The swirls of the letter S: from the alphabet according to Filesse, this what inspired this collection.

Its sinuous curves and the softness of its shape design the headboard. It is the result of a moulding process to give your back a more comfortable support surface. Letter-proof comfort.

The Filesse headboard can be optionally lacquered or warmed by the natural finish of the wood. The grain of Walnut, Eucalyptus, and Oak caress the curved surface giving even more character and style to the bedroom.

Who said that to have a minimalist bed you have to give up storage space? The Filesse base can be fitted with a capacious box to hold extra sheets, pillows or bedspreads, while maintaining the linear and essential look of the bedroom.

Filesse’s minimalism is also available in single bed size, maintaining the pure expressions of its curved design.


Bianconeve Bianconeve
Bianco 9010 Bianco 9010
Nero Stout Nero Stout
Rugiada Rugiada
Fumo Fumo
Grafite Grafite
Gesso Gesso
Polvere Polvere
Ombra Ombra
Sabbia Sabbia
Tundra Tundra
Pece Pece
Cielo Cielo
Ardesia Ardesia
Indaco Indaco
Salvia Salvia
Cenere Cenere
Terra Terra
Borgogna Borgogna
Cotto Cotto
Amarone Amarone
Sahara Sahara
Savana Savana
Mattone Mattone
Quarzo Quarzo
Scoglio Scoglio
Barnum 10 Barnum 10
Barnum 3 Barnum 3
Barnum 14 Barnum 14
Barnum 13 Barnum 13
Barnum 23 Barnum 23
Barnum 21 Barnum 21
Barnum 08 Barnum 08
Barnum 07 Barnum 07
Barkely 44 Barkely 44
Barkely 04 Barkely 04
Barkely 29 Barkely 29
Barkely 46 Barkely 46
Barkely 05 Barkely 05
Lima 02 Lima 02
Lima 03 Lima 03
Lima 12 Lima 12
Lima 10 Lima 10
Lima 48 Lima 48
Lima 33 Lima 33
Boemian 20 Boemian 20
Boemian 00 Boemian 00
Boemian 80 Boemian 80
Boemian 30 Boemian 30
Boemian 70 Boemian 70
Plain 00 Plain 00
Plain 03 Plain 03
Plain 06 Plain 06
Plain 07 Plain 07
Plain 02 Plain 02
Scott 02 Scott 02
Scott 05 Scott 05
Scott 01 Scott 01

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