Wall units with bookcase

Rhythm, movement and lightness for a composition that reinvents the concept of the bookcase. Three closed Wall units, joined by two metal Open units, create a unique volume marked by differences in height, solids and voids. Light and proportions give this suspended sculpture its original character, that leverages Caccaro's designing freedome. In this example, the symmetrical interplay of Wall and Open units gives the composition a balanced and scenic rhythm.
Sistema: Freedhome
Designer: Monica Graffeo
In photo: L 120 cm - P 35,5 cm - H 140 cm

Customisation and design for a perfect bookcase

Design your bookcasa choosing arrangement, dimensions and finishes of the elements: play with the horizontal and vertical lines, free your creativity by matching fronts and units finishes. This way, contrasts and combinations become a means to express one’s taste in all spaces of the home.

The Wall units are characterised by an incredible dimensional flexibility, to find the right space in every room. The 45-degree joints make them a small sculpture, refinished on each side. The units can host swing or flap doors.

You can embellish the fronts with precious finishes, such as Oxid or Caccaro’s essences, or you can aim for the elegance of Lacquer and Lamé.



A play of light and volumes

Light always plays two roles in Caccaro Systems: functional and aesthetic. In closed elements it lights up when the door is opened to reveal what they contain. In Open units it changes the atmosphere of the room.

These light metal elements are only 2 millimeters thick, connect the modules together and provide the perfect space for your books and favourite art objects. The back is designed to invisibly welcome leds that are dimmable with a convenient remote control. Light draws neat vertical lines which guarantee the right atmosphere and give value to your objects.

The Oxid finish, with its original cloudy effect, plays with the smooth metallic surface. Also available in Matt Lacquered, the Open units dictate the rhythm of the composition and give it a unique personality: yours.


Bianconeve Bianconeve
Bianco 9010 Bianco 9010
Nero Stout Nero Stout
Rugiada Rugiada
Fumo Fumo
Grafite Grafite
Gesso Gesso
Polvere Polvere
Ombra Ombra
Sabbia Sabbia
Tundra Tundra
Pece Pece
Cielo Cielo
Ardesia Ardesia
Indaco Indaco
Salvia Salvia
Cenere Cenere
Terra Terra
Borgogna Borgogna
Cotto Cotto
Amarone Amarone
Sahara Sahara
Savana Savana
Mattone Mattone
Quarzo Quarzo
Scoglio Scoglio
Kera Invisible White Kera Invisible White
Kera Marquinia Black Kera Marquinia Black
Kera Sahara Noir Kera Sahara Noir
Oak Oak
Walnut Walnut
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus
Lamé Bianconeve Lamé Bianconeve
Lamé Rugiada Lamé Rugiada
Lamé Fumo Lamé Fumo
Easy Oak Easy Oak
Easy Walnut Easy Walnut
Easy Eucalyptus Easy Eucalyptus
Ferro Ferro
Rame Rame
Bronzo Bronzo
Titanio brunito Titanio brunito
Piqué Piqué

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