Essentiality and intimacy. Two elliptical surfaces overlap like the petals of an unfolding flower, staggered but joined by a thin aluminium structure. Loto offers the right space for objects to be kept close at hand: perfect in the bedroom, as a bedside table, but also in the living area, as a coffee table or to display your art objects.
Designer: R&D Caccaro
In photo: L 55,5 cm - P 51 cm - L 55,6 cm

The design of nature - like a flower

Just like a flower, Loto transforms depending on where you look at it from.

From the front the structure has a light and minimalist appearance, from above the surface of the two elliptical shelves is generous and full to accommodate your objects.

Loto is available in all the matt lacquers of the Caccaro palette: shown here Loto comes in an elegant shade of Nero Stout.

Be inspired by the shades of nature and choose the colour that suits you best. In this way you can match it, in tone or contrast, with the other furnishings for the sleeping area, for a sophisticated and original look.


Bianconeve Bianconeve
Bianco 9010 Bianco 9010
Nero Stout Nero Stout
Rugiada Rugiada
Fumo Fumo
Grafite Grafite
Gesso Gesso
Polvere Polvere
Ombra Ombra
Sabbia Sabbia
Tundra Tundra
Pece Pece
Cielo Cielo
Ardesia Ardesia
Indaco Indaco
Salvia Salvia
Cenere Cenere
Terra Terra
Borgogna Borgogna
Cotto Cotto
Amarone Amarone
Sahara Sahara
Savana Savana
Mattone Mattone
Quarzo Quarzo
Scoglio Scoglio

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