Freedhome System

The large storage by Caccaro

Our large storage System is called Freedhome: freed-home, the home freed from its constraints. Much more than a wardrobe: Freedhome is a System of elements that are compatible with each other and with all the spaces in the home. Freedhome goes beyond the furniture and becomes a storage wall. Designed and manufactured to be modular and tailor-made.


Six families of modules that come together to create infinite combinations and functions.

Freedhome is a System of large storage modules that offers solutions for all rooms and spaces.

To bring a corner to life. To create a door where there is not even a wall. To change depth with discretion and elegance. To freely alternate doors, recesses and drawers.

This way you will not choose furniture for your rooms, but modules that come together in a unique, tailor-made composition.


The composition is born from the matching of two or more modules, which join together and transform, creating something unique.

The function is determined by the combination of modules and the total freedom to accessorise the interior: this is how a made-to-measure composition is born, which responds to precise needs.

Not just a walk-in or wardrobe for the sleeping area, but a perfect solution for every space – both in function and size.

Unique and inimitable, like every home.


Several modules become a composition and the composition becomes a wall.

Freedhome can cover it from one end to the other or replace it altogether: a self-supporting, freestanding element that separates rooms without the need for masonry.

So, in every wall you design with the Freedhome System, you will find space to express yourself.


Many modules, infinite compositions: this is the result of a manufacturing process organised in a 4.0 perspective.

Give free rein to your design creativity: Freedhome modules are designed and created to integrate with each other and best meet your everyday needs.


Small, large, medium, short, long, wide, narrow. Or made-to-measure.

The modules of the Freedhome System are flexible, giving you the freedom to live the spaces of the home according to your size.

A solution that fits your home like a tailor-made suit. One centimetre at a time.

It is the accessories that dictate the function of the compositions. Shelves, tray shelves, grids, shoe racks, trouser racks, drawers, hangers.

You are free to structure and divide the interior of each module of the Freedhome System. To give functional and aesthetic continuity between what you see outside and what you see inside.

Maximum attention to detail: LEDs  directed so as not to disturb the view, integrated in the side panels, and electrical setup to accommodate cables and components (dimmers and transformers).

Light is much more than an accessory. Functional, when it illuminates space. Expressive, because it defines the atmosphere of a room.

The LEDs, invisible and embedded in the structure of the modules, are directed so as not to disturb the eye. They have an intensity of 3000K, like natural light, and does not fatigue the eye.

The closed modules are equipped with a motion sensor: the light switches on to show the inside and switches off when the door is closed. The open modules, on the other hand, are equipped with mood lighting, which can be adjusted with a convenient remote control.

Caccaro’s focus on technology translates into Total opening doors: an exclusive patent that allows ample, fluid and silent movement. The door, thanks to an invisible mechanism of levers and magnetic pistons, folds back on itself and rests on the module.

The range also offers swing, sliding and pull-out sliding doors: security and reliability to meet the needs of any space.

Maximum versatility that adapts to your style and your home. To comfortably see and reach everything you stored inside the module.

The freedom to choose from many finishes, different materials, any colour. Always water-based, for the sake of the environment and health. Odourless, non-toxic and non-flammable.

An incredible palette spanning textures and shades. Caccaro’s extensive offer allows you to personalise any environment and bring your style into the whole home.

Woods, High-gloss and Matt Lacquers, Oxid and the natural feel of Kera, inspired by the veining of marble. Choose from our colour palette or request a sample colour.



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