Closet with six swing opening doors

A rewriting of the traditional closet. Dimensional flexibility meets the aesthetic cleanness of the swing opening door with Flat handle. A slender and geometric composition that conceals all the storage space you need for the living room, entrance or bedroom area: customise the interior of the modules according to your needs, to always have everything within reach.
System: Freedhome
Designer: R&D Caccaro
In photo: L 302,5 cm - P 42,7 cm - H 263,6 cm

Capacity and elegance

The interior of the closet with swing opening doors adapts to the needs of your space. The composition in the photo is destined for the living area and offers the possibility of storing stationery, folders and documents from your working station.

But it is the interior of the module that defines it. In this solution, shelves of different sizes leave space for hangers, in a combination of hooks, uprights and support surfaces.

You can customise the module according to your needs: equipped with drawers, trouser racks and hooks it becomes the perfect ally for your sleeping area.


The Flat handle enhances the linearity and graphism of this composition. A minimal and elegant solution that guarantees a secure grip and dictates the vertical rhythm.

cleanness and linearity are the protagonists: an element that creates continuity with the wall, especially when finished with the lighter shades of the Caccaro palette.



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