Open-front module with drawers

Hinged doors, drawers and open compartments alternate to create a unique storage solution that reflects you one hundred per cent. You decide the size of the doors, the height of the recesses and the amount of drawers: maximum design freedom is in your hands.
Sistema: Freedhome
Designer: R&D Caccaro
In foto: L 352,5 cm - P 62,7 cm - H 263,6 cm

Containment inside and outside

With the Freedhome System, infinite possibilities can coexist in the same composition: shelves and hangers on the inside, open recesses, flaps and drawers on the outside.

The swing doors can be of different sizes to dedicate the right amount of space to the clothes you decide to hang. The drawers are always accessible thanks to the Push pull opening system with full extension. Closing is always dampened. The open compartment can hold the items you use most frequently or that you want to keep on display.

Think about how you would like to experience your large storage furniture and then design it the way you want it!




Small recesses at centre stage

Narrower or wider, higher or lower. The recess opens a window in the continuity of the composition.

With the single door, it is narrower and offers its space as an emptying compartment. With the double door it is wider and accommodates books and objects.

For an even more dramatic effect, you can turn it into a light source for your room. Use the remote control to switch on, switch off or adjust the intensity of the led lights.


Bianconeve Bianconeve
Bianco 9010 Bianco 9010
Nero Stout Nero Stout
Rugiada Rugiada
Fumo Fumo
Grafite Grafite
Gesso Gesso
Polvere Polvere
Ombra Ombra
Sabbia Sabbia
Tundra Tundra
Pece Pece
Cielo Cielo
Ardesia Ardesia
Indaco Indaco
Salvia Salvia
Cenere Cenere
Terra Terra
Borgogna Borgogna
Cotto Cotto
Amarone Amarone
Sahara Sahara
Savana Savana
Mattone Mattone
Quarzo Quarzo
Scoglio Scoglio
Walnut Walnut
Oak Oak
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus
Natural Wood Natural Wood
Lamé Bianconeve Lamé Bianconeve
Lamé Rugiada Lamé Rugiada
Lamé Fumo Lamé Fumo
Easy Eucalyptus Easy Eucalyptus
Easy Walnut Easy Walnut
Easy Oak Easy Oak
Piqué Piqué
Smoke Glass Smoke Glass
Extra Clear Extra Clear
Mirror Mirror

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