Accommodating, transversal, multimedia.

The Groove bar for the wall behind the bed. Or for the walls of the entire home.

The bed is a space full of emotions. There you collect the things dearest to you. You put them down, you hang them up, you listen to music, you watch a movie. So, the base of the bed where you sleep separates from the space where you bring some of your life before sleeping. The Groove Collection gives you the space to do this. It is a bar that fastens to the wall behind the bed. It is accommodating: you can use it for books, newspapers or photographs. It is multimedia: the speakers connect to your smartphone and play the music you like best. But can also place the Groove bar on the wall in other areas of the home. By itself and at any height.

Padded in soft Teflon fabric. Positioned asymmetrically to the bed base. The panels are attached to the Groove bar. They move on a sliding rail. You can easily move them along the Groove bar to suit your position on the bed.

How much music do you have inside your phone? The Groove bar gives you the opportunity to listen to it. You can choose Groove in the version with loudspeakers. They are very small, so they don’t take up much room. But they have great sound diffusion capacity. You can connect them to your smartphone with the Bluetooth connection.

Groove caters to your aesthetic tastes. And it offers you a configuration with a more classic and romantic tone. Which you can customize in the headboard with the Quilt padding. A quilt with a stitching design inspired by the Japanese Sashiko technique.

Ring is the bed base. It is made of the same material as the Groove bar. An aluminium profile that covers the slat base. The aluminium gives the bed base excellent stability and clean lines with its very reduced thickness.

The Groove bar is transversal. It has not only been designed for the sleeping area and to be combined only with the bed. It can also be fastened to the wall on its own. You are free to place it in any area of the home.

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