Groove Zip

The Groove bar gets a makeover in aesthetics and functionality. The Zip fastener slides over the lower lane and attaches two soft cushions to the bar. You can take them off, put them back on and move them around to give them the position you want. Even more comfortable, even more ergonomic: the generous padding of the Zip cushions combined with the revamped half-moon shape provides the right comfort and support for your back.
Designer: Monica Graffeo

Removable cushions with one zip

It is with Groove that the path to deconstructing the bed began. Groove is the multifunctional aluminium bar that can also serve as a headboard. Wall mounting heights, accessories and combinations with the bed frame create ever new solutions. The configuration that combines cushions with rounded corners is called Groove Zip.

Curved lines resonate with the clear design of the bar. Padding that creates a distinctive ergonomic profile. Thanks to a convenient Zip, the cushions attach to the lane at the bottom of the bar and play with the position, chosen in relation to the bed frame.

The zip is hidden from view but you can easily reach it to hook, move or unhook the cushions. A simple gesture to change configuration whenever you want.



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