Lacquered Camerino

The deepest module in the Freedhome family, capacious as a room and self-supporting to be placed anywhere, even in the middle of an open space. Camerino is a concentrate of innovation: its patented U-shaped structure combines with the exclusive Total opening system. The result is a compact walk-in closet with lacquered doors that protect the objects inside. Camerino is a private space that welcomes you with a deep embrace where everything is organised to be found.      
Sistema: Freedhome
Designer: R&D Caccaro
In photo: L 302,5 cm - P 102,7 cm - H 263,6 cm

A room within a room

Camerino’s extreme storage capacity combined with its patented Total opening makes it as hospitable as a real wardrobe room. You can open the doors and physically enter your walk-in closet, dress inside and – when you close it – enjoy the view of an aesthetically clean and minimalist module.

As dramatic as a treasure chest, its presence catches the eye when it is open and lights up, but remains a discreet element when closed.

The lighting is activated by the infrared sensor that detects the movement of the doors. This way the light only comes on when you need it.

Everything is organised to be found

The internal organisation of Camerino is designed to give you endless possibilities for configuration, according to your needs.

Equipped for the living area with shelves and dividers to organise the space inside. Or for the sleeping area with shelves, drawers and a hanging rod to bring order to your wardrobe.

The uprights make the view of the interior even more unobstructed and open.


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