Freedhome, the new “made in Caccaro” total living, dresses the home like a tailored garment and revolutionizes the traditional concept of wall, no longer seen as a simple structural element, but as a surface to be customized, exploiting the unexpressed potential of its storage space. The new System completely overturns traditional furnishing schemes, based on the concept of separate and distinct environments; its modules, thanks to innovative functional elements and complete dimensional adaptability, make “tailor-made” standard and affordable for everyone, able to furnish every room in the home: from the kitchen to the bedroom, the living area and the bathroom, right up to service areas. Compositional freedom becomes total, even in the choice of water-based finishes.


Wallover® by Caccaro is the new system of vertical and horizontal storage units, which can be freely combined in the space with rhythm and proportions that give an “architectural style” to the house, from the living to the night area. The configurations, that can be created by the elements of the system, are infinite: from full height double-sided pillars, available also for the middle of the room, to walls furnished with TVs or from solutions that reinterpret the concept of the traditional sideboard to bookshelves and then from storage units for the night area to practical compositions for the entrance. The wide range of internal equipment of Wallover® transforms every single composition according to its function and to the areas it must furnish. The focus on the lighting inside the modules and on the backs recalls and evokes what developed for Freedhome® creating sober and elegant solutions, which can furnish the wall that hosts the composition.

The constant research of Caccaro in the creation of unique living spaces led to the reinterpretation of the night area with an innovative collection of beds, which comes from a simple intuition: separate the headboard from the bed frame and then freely combine them in multiple solutions. Many possible combinations of fabrics, dimensions, elements and accessories create proposals with a strong identity, which can satisfy a wide range of aesthetic and functional needs. These are perfectly blended with all furnishing elements of the new system Wallover®and of the iconic system Freedhome®. The night area becomes a space rich in new “on-demand” design suggestions, where also the lighting is the main character in a game of full-empty, soft-rigid, storage and not elements. In this way it is possible to make room to new ideas, fantasy and the freedom to design.

The total living ‘made in Caccaro’ is also updated with new accessories with a modern and rational spirit, protagonists in every area of the home.

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