Two solutions in one collection.

You can combine them to store and divide. Or you can choose one without the other. To store. Or to divide.

The freedom to choose is all yours. With transversal proposals for more areas of the home or with more traditional proposals for the sleeping area. So, Side can play its part and stand next to a bed in its dresser or bedside unit version. And View can divide without interrupting the continuity of a room. And allow a glimpse without completely hiding the vision of what there is beyond a space. These are the two sides of the same collection. Which you can put together. Or choose, now one, now the other, to talk about you in the spaces of your home.

Sideview | L 170 H 203 P 54 Sideview | L 170 H 203 P 54

This is the most complete expression of the collection. The combination of the Side element with the View element. The functionality of storage combined with the functionality of dividing. The subdivision does however maintain continuity between the spaces of the room. The material of the View screen does not obscure, but lets you glimpse beyond its surface. The Side sideboard, in addition to the storage space, offers a surface for placing things on.

The functionality of the SideView combination is double-sided. Here is the side of View: you can hang up your clothes. So you are free to place the SideView combination in the middle of the entrance space. And place the View side in front of the door, and turn the Side side towards the living room. But the freedom of the collection goes beyond the entrance area of your home. And you can place the combination where you need it most according to the dimensions and your aesthetic taste.

Outside, the attention to detail of Side. Its light and soft curvature. The aesthetic cleanliness and the fine thickness of the supporting surface. The finish in natural black walnut which expresses all the skill of the workmanship. Inside, the medium storage of Side provides you with the room you want for each type of object.

Side Piedistallo 22,5 | L. 220 H 72 P 48 Side Piedistallo 22,5 | L. 220 H 72 P 48

Here is the Side sideboard resting against the wall. It is supported by a pedestal that guarantees aesthetic cleanliness and horizontal linearity. In fact, the metal thicknesses are very thin: the pedestal is not clearly visible, but is barely perceptible to the eye. Yet, its technical construction combines the minimalism of the structure with the ability to support even considerable weights.

Side Base 4,5 | L 120 H 120 P 48 - L 54 H 54 P 42 Side Base 4,5 | L 120 H 120 P 48 - L 54 H 54 P 42

Side is also transversal. Side also expresses itself in the sleeping area. Here, its role is as a bedside unit and dresser. But with less traditional dimensions and measurements. Side bedside unit is squarer. Side dresser is taller. Hence Side fits into the smaller dimensions of modern bedrooms.

View | L 100 P 25 View | L 100 P 25

Here is View performing its function in the home space. It divides, but does not interrupt: it maintains a certain visual continuity in the area where you choose to place it. It creates a backdrop in a space that continues to communicate with the adjacent space. So you can see what's behind the View screen. In the design, View is positioned in a sleeping area with shelves for books and other objects.

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