The spaces for the sleeping area, when you’re not sleeping.

You'll fill them whenever you need them. You'll use them to do things during the day.

Sleep, but not only. In the room you get dressed and look at yourself in the mirror before going out. You work or study. Read a book before you fall asleep. And so you need lots more space in the sleeping area. And the Filnox collection provides all this. Starting with the Fill drawer units in the dresser and bedside unit version which you can place near or next to the bed. Their convenience of use extends to other functions. Then you are free to choose a bookcase, a swivel mirror, a desk to combine with the drawer unit. And so, the Filnox collection becomes Filbook, Fildress, Fildesk.

Fill Piede 20 | L 123 H 92 P 51 Fill Piede 20 | L 123 H 92 P 51

What can a dresser contain for your room? Fill gives you the answer. A drawer unit with space divided up into 3 drawers with 3 different heights. Each height has been designed to accommodate different things. The lower drawer to hold the heaviest objects, the central one for the most frivolous things and the change tray in the upper drawer. The drawer with the lowest height can become a distinctive feature of the drawer unit. It's your freedom. Give Fill an aesthetic highlight: the drawer made of a different material from the others. Or you can choose to keep the drawer unit uniform as regards colour and type of material.

That's why opening a Filnox drawer is easy. There's a metal profile that separates the front of the drawer from the drawer unit structure. This creates space for your fingers: they enter the slot and open the drawer. The metal profile extends around the entire perimeter of the drawer unit. The top drawer is opened by inserting your fingers into the top of the drawer. And you'll insert your fingers in the sides of the drawer unit to open the other two drawers. Comfort is in details; functionality is in all Filnox drawer units.

Filnox | L 48 H 49,5 P 51 Filnox | L 48 H 49,5 P 51

For the sleeping area, Filnox takes the shape of a bedside unit. It becomes a bedside unit. A handy bedside unit. Comfortable as regards the opening of the drawers. Convenient as a surface to rest your phone, glasses, books before falling asleep. Comfortable because it features clean lines and essential in its functionality: it is there when you need it.

Fildress | L 158 H 185 P 51-85 Fildress | L 158 H 185 P 51-85

You can hang up. You can mirror yourself. You can do what you're used to doing before you leave. When Filnox becomes Fildress, its functionalities increase, your comfort extends. You have storage space for drawers, hangers for clothes, and a mirror to look at yourself.

Fildesk girevole pensile | L 148 H 76 P 53 - Fildesk Piede 20 | L. 153 H 73 P 51 Fildesk girevole pensile | L 148 H 76 P 53 - Fildesk Piede 20 | L. 153 H 73 P 51

Writing, studying, working. Containing. Many are the things you can do when a swivel desk is anchored to a drawer unit. When the functions of the storage space are completed with the activities that fill your day. When Filnox becomes Fildesk. It's double-sided. It moves around a pivot in both directions. When closed, it takes up very little room. When open it extends into your space. In the middle of the room with the drawer unit raised by its feet. Or leaning on one side of the room with the drawer unit suspended because it is secured to the wall.

Filbook | L. 128 H 102,5 P 51 Filbook | L. 128 H 102,5 P 51

Do you like reading in bed? Well, then Filnox becomes Filbook for you. So, the drawer unit will have a new storage companion at its side: the bookcase. Divided in height into several shelves. And with widths suitable for the spaces of today's rooms. But with the ability to accommodate detective stories, papers, novels, short stories, poems. Your books.

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