The medium storage to be put together.

Brick after brick, storage unit after storage unit, you will be free to create all the room you need.

You can stack them. Place them side by side. Turn them around. You can choose them from the Brick collection to give life to your composition. They are small storage units which can be put together to create your storage space in any part of the home. Drawers, open-front compartments and flap door units make up sideboards for the kitchen, lounge, corridor or bedroom. Essential in their design, reinforced in terms of details, functional when it comes to organizing space.

Piedistallo 31,5 | L 90 H 151,5 P 49,3 Piedistallo 31,5 | L 90 H 151,5 P 49,3

The compositions in the photo are our proposals. But in the Brick collection you are free to choose the storage units to create your own composition. With closed or open storage spaces. You can choose to stack the drawer, the open-front compartment and the flap door unit or place them side by side. Or you can simply stack the same type of storage unit.

Brick's open-front compartment is designed for electrical cables to pass through. So you can choose to use it as a space to store electronic devices for broadcasting music. You'll find space to run the wires and connect the device to the power point. There’s also room for the music CDs you want to listen to.

Piedistallo 31,5 | L 90 H 127,5 P 49,3 Piedistallo 31,5 | L 90 H 127,5 P 49,3

In the Brick collection you can create a vertical sideboard. A pedestal and two stacked storage units that can have different colours. You are free to compose two sideboards in a different way: the drawer, the flap door unit and the open-front compartment. And you can place them side by side in the space of your home. You can choose to place them anywhere: in the living area, in the sleeping area or in the corridor.

Here the upper part of the sideboard has a flap opening. When closed, the Brick collection conveys its aesthetic simplicity and clean lines. When opened, it reveals the technical details of its construction. The step that changes and reinforces the thickness of the inner part of the front panel. Thus, the thinnest part is trimmed to match the structure during closing. The thicker part is reinforced to give strength and consistency to the front.

The drawer that contains the drawer. Another choice option between the storage units of the Brick collection. Another clean-line solution because it does not show any drawer-unit effect on the outside. The smallest drawer is inside the largest drawer. This way, you can better distribute things: the smaller objects in the small drawer, the larger ones in the large drawer.

Base 3 | L 180 H 99 P 49,3 Base 3 | L 180 H 99 P 49,3

You are free to stack, you are free to place side by side. You are free to turn. In the Brick collection you can extend the storage space in height and width. Thus, the final composition of the storage units gives you more volume. In this case it is not suspended, but rests on the floor because it is heavier. Brick storage units can also be double-sided: they are also finished on the back. So you can choose to place the composition either on the wall or in the middle of a room.
And you are free to turn some of the storage units in the opposite direction to the rest of the composition.

You are free to open Brick as you wish. The storage units of the collection can be produced with three types of openings: doors with hinged opening, doors with flap opening and drawers. Thus, you can choose to compose your sideboard with several types of openings. And arrange them on both sides if you decide to place it in the middle of the room. It is the functionality of the Brick collection which enhances the aesthetics of the final composition.

Base 3 | L 45 H 51 P 49,3 Base 3 | L 45 H 51 P 49,3

Here is the transversality of the Brick collection. You can choose to place the small storage units in your sleeping area. So, they become bedside units to be placed close to the bed. Inside, you'll find the double drawer. You can choose to place one or two sideboards as in this photo to obtain more storage space. And more aesthetic balance.

Panca | L 240 H 47-59 P 48 Panca | L 240 H 47-59 P 48

The transversality of the Brick collection can go as far as the entrance to your home. It gets there with these benches: simple in their shape with metal pedestal. And functional in their identity. They offer the chance to sit on comfortable seats of soft cushions. They offer the chance to place newspapers or objects in the compartment next to them.

Pensile | L 300 H 36 P 49,3 Pensile | L 300 H 36 P 49,3

In this image the composition of the Brick collection is fixed to the wall, suspended above the floor without a pedestal. This is the best anchoring solution when there are only a few storage units.
When instead the number of storage units is higher, it is best to place the composition on the floor with the pedestal. Because the weight of the contents they accommodate in the interior spaces or on the surfaces increases.

The Brick collection is also multimedia. You can choose to enhance your composition with a latest generation audio system to connect to your TV. The system installed in the Brick enclosure has 4 speakers with a power of 150 watts, integrated woofer and Bluetooth 3.0 connection. To listen to the sound of your TV at home as if you were at the cinema.

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