Medium Storage

The other dimension of storage.

Not as big, but no less spacious. And with ample freedom of choice. A combination of aesthetics and functionality.

7 collections to give a new dimension to medium storage. This is the dimension of freedom of choice when it comes to choosing how to organize your home spaces. And without boundaries between the day area and the sleeping area. In the collections you’ll find all the freedom to store and put away, sometimes to divide up and compose, to combine several aesthetic shapes with several technical functions. And to do whatever, between life’s pleasures and everyday habits, fills up your days.

Side, View

The choice is free. It’s all yours. You can choose to divide up a space with View. You can choose to store in a space with Side. Or you can choose to divide up and store. And you can do so in several home spaces, from the day area to the sleeping area. Because the Side/View collection has two sides, but just one same freedom. To give you another space dimension to speak of you.


Night takes up a lot of space of your day. But there are spaces in the sleeping area where you can store part of your day. Engrossed in the pleasure of reading. You take a look in the mirror before going out. You work hard in the study or at work. The Filnox collection gives you the freedom to choose between several solutions which combine the storage space of the drawer units and the functionality of a bookcase, a swivel mirror or a desk.

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