Horizontal symmetries, functionality for all to see.

Grid discovers the functionality which characterizes its modules. It offers it to you directly, in an open space.


The door of the Grid series modules is symmetrical in width. Opening is swing only. The modules can be freely customized with exposed drawer units, drawers and flaps, open-front compartments at different heights, openable and open TV panels.


Each module in the Grid series is designed to make up the wall with modules from the Core and other series of the Freedhome System. Hence, you can enhance your composition with other functions and different aesthetic solutions.


You are free to choose your module from the height, width and depth dimensions offered by the Grid series. Or else prefer a customized solution with dimensions that correspond to the spaces of your home.


Swing and flap door openings or drawers. These are the 3 options of the Grid series modules. The drawers are exposed: you can open them without having to open the door. Thus, access to the storage spaces of the modules is more direct and immediate.

Freedhome | Composition Grid + Core Freedhome | Composition Grid + Core

Open-front compartment module.

The open-front compartment Module is available in two widths. With the single door, it is narrower and offers its space as a change tray. With the double door it is wider and houses books or objects. Thus, you are free to choose the best width and height for your living or sleeping area.

Freedhome | Composition Grid + Core Freedhome | Composition Grid + Core

Opening TV Door Module.

The TV module is exposed. You are free to open the TV panel and use the space in the rear. The module's TV compartment combines with the aesthetics of the entire composition you are creating.

Freedhome | Composition Grid + Core Freedhome | Composition Grid + Core

Interior organization.

The Grid series offers you a wide range of solutions to organize the interior of the modules. The door can be single or double, to be chosen together with the flap and multiple drawers one above the other. Behind the doors, storage is organised with hangers and shelves. The open-front compartment is a light source.

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