Aesthetics on the move, amid horizontal and vertical lines.

Modules offering immediate storage spaces. Doors asymmetric in width. Aesthetic graphics for your freedom of expression.


The modules of the Grafik series create movement, but maintain clean lines in the composition. The connection of the horizontal and vertical lines creates the wall with open-front compartments, drawers, clothes-hanging recesses, opening visible TV panels, asymmetrical doors with swing and sliding openings.


Each module of the Grafik series is designed to make up the wall with the modules of the Core series and the other series of the Freedhome System. Thus, you can express your aesthetic taste with the Grafik modules in the wall of your home.


You are free to choose your module from the height, width and depth dimensions offered by the Grafik series. Or else prefer a customized solution with dimensions that correspond to the spaces of your home.


Swing, sliding, folding. These are the 3 types of openings of the Grafik series modules. Drawer opening is handy: you do not have to open the door to open the drawer. Direct access to the opening can also be found in the swing and sliding door.

Freedhome | Composition Grafik Freedhome | Composition Grafik

Opening TV module.

In the opening TV Module, the functionality of the TV is there at your fingertips. Ready to use. You are free to open the panel and use the space available behind it. You can choose it with or without a multimedia compartment. The metal flap door matches the aesthetics of the module.

Freedhome | Composition Grafik Freedhome | Composition Grafik


With the Grafik series modules you are free to express your aesthetic taste. You can choose from several matching colour shades. This will give a personal touch to every space in your home. Including the bathroom.

Freedhome | Composition Grafik Freedhome | Composition Grafik

Open-front module.

When the composition includes the Grafik module, your wall opens with the open-front compartments. The look of the doors and drawers is coordinated with the graphics of the module. Its storage space is within easy reach.

Freedhome | Composition Grafik + Core Freedhome | Composition Grafik + Core

Sliding opening module.

You will draw vertical and horizontal lines in the Grafik Module with sliding opening. You will combine colours to harmonise the raised surfaces of the doors. You will express your aesthetic taste, which flows from one end of the composition to the other.

Freedhome | Composition Grafik + Core Freedhome | Composition Grafik + Core

Interior organization.

If you open the sliding door of a Grafik module you will discover its comfortable internal organization. The hangers for your clothes. The grid of drawers between the shelves. The fabric tray where you can leave your home or more personal items. The freedom is all yours to choose the fittings and arrange them to organize the interior of the Grafik module.

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