In the heart of the freedhome system.

Every beat is an impulse to create the composition. Every module is a departure point to create the wall of your home.


Lots of modules, a common feature: the complete door. This is the distinctive trait of the series of Core modules. Space for large storage inside. Extremely clean lines and look outside.


You can combine each Core module with the modules of the other series of the Freedhome System. And thereby enhance your composition with other functions and aesthetic features. But you are also free to express your taste in the wall of your home with a composition made up of modules from the Core series only.


You are free to choose your module from the different heights, widths and depths offered by the Core series. Or to prefer a customized solution with dimensions made to measure for the spaces of your home.


Hinged, total, sliding, pull-out sliding. These are the 4 types of openings available for the Core series modules. You are free to choose the door opening that best suits your space requirements. And the one most compatible with the spaces of your home.

Freedhome | Composition Core Freedhome | Composition Core

Total opening module.

Does not hinder. Does not obstruct. Does not take up room. But it gives you all the space you need. It is the result of subtraction. It is a Caccaro exclusive.

Freedhome | Composition Grid + Core Freedhome | Composition Grid + Core

Corner module.

Here is the Core module with total opening. The corner opened this way does not hold you tight, but wraps around you. It turns into your dressing room. Where you have everything at hand, either on the shelves or hangers.

Freedhome | Composition Core Freedhome | Composition Core

Depth Change module.

This is a module between two modules. They have different depths, but with the same composition aesthetics. In the deepest part you’ll find space for books and other objects. In the shallower part, the entire door, or glass frame, opens to uncover large storage organized into shelves and hangers.

Freedhome | Composition Core Freedhome | Composition Core

End Module.

The module completes the end part of the composition. So, at the end of the wall you are free to put your clothes on the hangers or your books on the shelves.

Freedhome | Composition Core Freedhome | Composition Core

TV module.

When open, the TV is made available. When closed, it conveys its clean lines in the continuity of the wall. The Deep handle of the pull-out sliding opening is recessed in the door and does not protrude.

Freedhome | Composition Core Freedhome | Composition Core

Technical Module.

Where can I put household appliances and cleaning products? The Technical Module tells you. Its space is designed to house the washing machine, the dryer or to store the brushes and the vacuum cleaner. You can place it anywhere in the house because the doors conceal the stored objects.

Door passage module.

You can divide and join different spaces of the home with the Door Passage Module. When opened, it provides a glimpse of the spaces in the home. When closed, it separates them. It is the upshot of a modular design that interprets the space requirements of the home.

Interior organization.

The uprights structure the spaces in an open way in the modules of the Core series. Thus, the organisation of the interiors is unhindered and the splitting up of the compartments gives you a complete view of the contents.

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