Lots of room for freedom to compose.

The large storage module system for creating walls in every part of the home.


Freedhome® is a system of large storage modules. Also large is their quantity: the modules are many and designed for every part of the home. Aesthetics with several measurements give life to the individual module. And modules with several functions create the composition. This way, you won’t choose furniture to furnish rooms, but modules to create the walls of your home.


Freedhome® is a system of modules to perform an operation. Choosing modules from among the 6 series and putting them together like an addition. The result is a composition of at least 2 modules able to contain everything in every part of the home: the kitchen, the lounge, the sleeping area, the study area. This way, you’ll recognize yourself in your composition – the usefulness of a function, the choice of a colour, the preference of a finish.


Freedhome® is a system of modules for designing a whole area of your home. To do so, you can choose the modules from the 6 series and put them together like an addition in the design of your project. The result is a wall consisting of several modules with all the functions you require. And the measurements correspond to the dimensions of the spaces of your home: from one end to the other, from the floor to the ceiling. Because in every wall you design with the Freedhome® System you’ll find the room you need to express yourself.


Small, large, medium, short, long, wide, narrow. The measurements of the Freedhome® System modules are many. To give you the freedom to enjoy the areas of your home according to your dimension. And if you can’t find the measurement that suits you, we can find the measurement closest to yours by designing to the centimetre. Which means tailoring our production to the size of your home.

Freedhome® System.

Freedhome® is a system consisting of 6 series of modules. Each series contains modules with common features: functional, aesthetic and dimensional. This way, choosing the modules is simpler and designing your wall is freer. Because the modules are transversal: they are part of a series, but you are free to select and unite modules which belong to different series. This is the freedom which the Freedhome® System gives you to express your taste to the full.


All Caccaro product finishes are water based. The products you choose are odourless and non-toxic. This way, we respect the natural environment and that of your home. And protect you and the people who work in our company.

The finishes of the Freedhome® System are available in the following colours: matt lacquered, brushed gloss lacquered, lacquered glass, natural wood. You are free to choose from among neutral colours or shades of blue, red and yellow. These are not expressions of the fashion of the moment, but colours that last over time. You can choose a colour or match several colours in the same composition. You can propose a colour sample or choose the colour from among the Pantone Ral NCS colours.

You can choose them only for the full-door modules of the Core series when designing the wall of your home. Each module of your composition originates from the wood of a same tree. It has all the uniformity and naturalness of a same plant. Because every plant has its own wood. Choosing it during the design stage for the finish of your modules will give your wall the authenticity which only nature is able to express. This is the nature which enters your home in all its essence.

Easy, Lamé, Piqué.
These are Freedhome® System finishes for the fronts, the frame and the fittings of the modules.
Easy reproduces the shades of eucalyptus, walnut and oak. Lamé reproduces matt lacquer in the colours bianco neve, rugiada and polvere. Piqué reproduces the fabric for the back panels and drawer interiors only. This way, you can maintain the uniformity of the finishes between the inner wall and the outer part of the module. And give aesthetic continuity to the wall composition.

Glasses, Mirrors.
These are finishes which you can combine with all the other finishes of the Freedhome® System. You are free to choose the glass of the door in lacquered version or with the transparency you prefer: extra-clear, fumé, silver stop-sol, grey stop-sol. Hence, in different ways, all the glass doors make it possible to see the inside of the module. This is an extra space for choice provided by the Freedhome® System to distinguish the module with the glass transparency best suited to your composition.

Interior organization.

Shelves, tray shelves, racks, shoe racks, trouser racks, drawer units, drawers, coat hangers. Your freedom of choice also enters the organization of large storage. This way you are free to structure and split up the interior of every Freedhome® System module. To give functional and aesthetic continuity to what you see outside and what you see inside.

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