Comfort to be taken at face value.

Sinuous lines, soft design, comfortable headboard.

From the alphabet according to Filesse, here is the letter which inspired this collection. Its sinuous curves and the softness of its shapes design the Filesse headboard. And together with the Talamo base, they give life to a bed which is comfortable to rest on. The s shaped curvature of the headboard accompanies the sinuous posture of your back when you stretch out on the bed.

The volutes of the letter s in the Filesse headboard. The result of a moulding operation to give your back a more comfortable surface to rest on. Letter-proof comfort.

Talamo is the bed base for the Filesse collection. It has been conceived, designed and made by Caccaro: the alternative to the traditional slat base. The structure features minimal thickness: almost invisible and completely ergonomic. The combination of thrusts and counter-thrusts of the inserts making it up adapt the base structure to the body weight of the person to be supported.

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