The night area to be enjoyed to the full

Not just sleeping. But also storing, putting down, reading and listening. For a bed with less restraints and more identity.

We have freed the bed from the condition of being just a bed. We have freed it of the restraint that ties its components: the base and headboard. To give you more use choices and more freedom of expression. With more aesthetic solutions: the geometries of shapes, the colours and the designs of the upholstery fabrics. With greater technological functionality: the multimedia connection for music and the adjustable light for the environment. And with special focus on your sleep: the ergonomic structures and the selection of the materials, with an eye on the health of your body.


This is a bar secured to the wall behind the bed. It accommodates books, newspaper and photos. It broadcasts the music of your smartphone. It is separate from the bed, but dialogues with it. You are free to position it on the wall close to the bed or in other parts of the home. That’s how the Groove Collection makes room for your desire to express yourself.


A collection for your freedom to choose the area in which to sleep. And room for storage. Open the zip of the soft Bag headboard and you’ll find room for books, newspapers and the phone. Under the bed base is all the storage space of the large drawer of the Tune collection, for your wardrobe.

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