The word goes to our spaces. For you.

Spaces that speak of you.

They come from a unique origin. They give hospitality for different times of the day. These spaces contain them.

They all have the same origin. They provide hospitality to several moments of life. They contain them in every size and dimension. They are not individual spaces. They are spaces conceived to create a series. So one space is added to another space, and then another, and another. In the end, a plurality of spaces contains your life. That is why they speak of you: because they talk about you in every home environment. In those spaces, you wake up and dress. In those spaces you cook and eat. In those spaces you work and rest. But above all they speak of you because they are spaces that understand you. They enable you to find the functions you are looking for. They enable you to live among the measurements you want. They show you the design which expresses you.


The world would have continued to keep them apart. Then one day, Italy shortened the distance. They met in Milan. And here, Erika and Lars decided to live together. So take a look at a small space of their story, in the large space of their home.


Opening the door of a home is like entering the pages of a story. A scene opens up before you. A family recounts itself amid its spaces. So it is that your gaze encounters the gazes of Meryl, Andrea and Ann which convey you amid the little and big moments of their lives.