A space that speaks for two.

Erika and Lars have created their own space: their life together. And every moment of it corresponds to the spaces where they have chosen to live.


What better than a life together to live in the spaces in which you have always wanted to live? A look that seeks you and then widens to accommodate yours. A hand that extends and then opens to take yours. A voice that calls you, speaks to you and then hushes to listen to yours.
Oh, if only all living spaces in life were like this one! They really would be moments in which to feel free. Erika and Lars are well aware of it. That is why they have decided to enjoy them in a space that speaks of them.

The home of Erika and Lars.

Two hearts, two floors. Underneath beats the vitality of the day. Above pulsates the silence of the night. Underneath, lots of coming and going, to start with in the entrance. They move to the service area or the living area. They intercept one another in the kitchen. They stop in the work space. So it is that, on the one hand Erika gives shape to her last handmade creation and on the other Lars seeks inspiration for his new graphic project. And, up above, the space keeps things tidy with large storage. And provides rest at the end of the day.

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Entrance area.

I've always been convinced of one thing. The house that makes you feel at home straight away is the one that offers you the space you need at that moment. You just went inside and you feel the need to get rid of what you needed to stay outside. That's why I wanted a space near the front door where I can leave what I'm going to retrieve when it's time to go out again. I'm quite careless, and that compartment reminds me to pass through it again before going out.

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Kitchen area.

I do the work I do because I feel the need to express myself. To leave a mark on the objects I create; a part of myself in the shapes I design. So, even when I'm not working, this particular inclination continues. And it finds its space in the kitchen. Here, I wanted the convenience of large storage to prepare dishes there and then. They call it an express kitchen, but for me it's just another way to express myself. And a place to make a cup of tea.

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We've been living together for 2 years. And what keeps us together is the open space that we find in each other. Yes, I agree! We also have moments when we close ourselves in our own space. Work, family, our origins lead us to seek refuge in a personal space. But then our relationship prevails. And so, Erika and I sometimes open up totally to let what we feel at that moment pass by.

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Service area.

Oh, yes. It's the tidiness of things that catches me out. Things - before or after - must be put in order. And this is not something of little importance; we are talking about domestic chores. The proper functioning of the home depends on it. And so does our life together. So. I can put a lot of commitment into it myself, but if then, inside the home, the space is lacking to put things away? Having space at your service is what ensures a home provides the best service it can offer.

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Study area.

Our jobs have a lot in common. And this makes things easier for us. I am a freelance graphic designer for the packaging sector. Erika is a ceramist for the furniture sector. Creativity, aesthetics, storage, design and functionality find their place in our daily lives. And on these points we confront each other, we exchange ideas, we help each other because we give each other a hand. So, we have plenty of chance to stay close. But there is also that special something more which, even when we are far away from each other, keeps us close. Everywhere.

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Living area.

It was winter. It was a library. It was the day that brought us together. Lars had just arrived from Denmark for a Master's degree at the IED. I was ready to leave for a new study course. So, when I happen to see him in the house, carefully looking at pictures, my mind returns to the image of that day. I, standing in search of a book between the shelves; he sat with his gaze and hands between the pages. In that space of knowledge where we can learn everything. But without realising that was the day we were going to know each other.

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Sleeping area.

This is her favourite space. The corner that opens and closes her day. She chooses a colour, tries a combination, folds up and folds again, takes and puts away, looks for a part of herself. And she feels free to wear it, because that space speaks to her about herself. So, when I look at her beautiful work in the evening, I think about how important it is for her that the space takes her shapes. Just as her creations take shape from her hands.

Denmark, Vietnam, Milan.

9252. These are the kilometres which separate Denmark from Vietnam. It's just a distance as the crow flies, I agree. Yet, one day, the air of Milan reduced it to a few metres. And then to just a few centimetres. It might have been the atmosphere of the city. It might have been the silence of a library or the spaces of a house that speak. Or it might have been that who knows what which is so difficult to imagine, but so easy to guess. And that which Erika and Lars want to continue enjoying.

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