A company open to spaces that talk.

To the skills of individuals. To future innovations. To relations with everyone.

As a company, we are completely open to people. Here, everyone is free to express their skills. We have a large space to contain them all. All of them. We are open to innovation in order to reach our goals. Storage conceived in a big way; a modular system to create walls; products adaptable to the size of every part of the home. But we are also open to relations. The best way of creating spaces where we are free to talk with everyone.

Your space to speak to us.

We will answer your information enquiries.

Caccaro Srl

Via Corse, 13
35010 Villa del Conte – Padova

Tel. +39 049 9318911
Fax +39 049 9318919

VAT reg. 02325900286
[email protected]

Caccaro Flagship Store Milan

Via Larga, 23
20122 Milan