Modern furniture for night and day areas

Free to go in and out, to say hello and sit down together. Free to empty your shopping bag and to find room for everything in the home. Free to put things down and not lose them, to hang up and then take off. Free to compose your space in the home and to plan your life together. And thus be free in your own happiness, because you are happy to be free.

Freedhome System.

Modules that cross space and time. Able to express large storage in every part of the home. And to store in their space all the things of life. You can choose from among several modules to plan a wall. And put together several modules to express yourself without any restriction.

Medium storage.

7 collections to enter another home space dimension: medium storage. A smaller dimension than the Freedhome System, but no less spacious. And with ample freedom of choice. Aesthetics which speak to the taste of your gaze and functionality which speaks to the moments of your life.

Beds and complementary items.

9 collections for a night area to be experienced to the full. Where the bed takes on a new identity. And thus becomes cosy, multimedia, source of light, but also of well-being. Because we give all the attention to the bed which your rest deserves: ergonomic structure and materials designed for the health of your body.

New spaces that speak of you.

Happy Freedhome. Medium storage. Beds.