The System that draws the wall


Wallover® is the new storage System of vertical and horizontal units that are freely composed in space: rhythm and proportion give an architectural depth to the rooms of the house, from the living to the sleeping area.  


Wallover® consists of seven elements to create infinite configurations

Floor-standing or suspended modules play with the wall that accommodates them, in a dialogue between full and empty volumes. 

Design the positioning, lighting and finishes to define the character of your composition.

The System adapts to the language of the different spaces in the home and its inhabitants.


Functionality and aesthetics become one expressive language to transform your design into a wall.

From the living to the sleeping area, Wallover® is designed to meet a specific functional need.

From a dresser to a sideboard, from a wall unit to a pantry, from a coffee table to a TV frame: a few bold strokes to make every wall in the home unique.


Changing the order of the factors changes the result. The great flexibility of the System is evident even in a few modules of the same size.

By placing them differently on the wall, changing the finishes of the fronts and backs, adjusting the lighting, something totally new is created. The only limit is design creativity.


Small, large, medium, short, long, wide, narrow. Or made to measure.

The modules of the Wallover® System are flexible, giving you the freedom to experience the spaces in your home according to your dimensions.

It is the cut of our production for the size of your home. Always to the centimetre.

Wallover® accessories define the function of the composition and organise its interior spaces rationally.

Shelves, glass shelves, dividers, glass racks, shoe racks, grids and hangers dictate the identity of each module based on the needs of the space.

Maximum attention to detail: LEDs  directed so as not to disturb the view, integrated in the side panels, and electrical setup to accommodate cables and components (dimmers and transformers).

Light is much more than an accessory. Functional, when it illuminates space. Expressive, because it defines the atmosphere of a room.

The LEDs, invisible and embedded in the structure of the modules, are directed so as not to disturb the eye. They have an intensity of 3000K, like natural light, and does not fatigue the eye.

The closed modules are equipped with a motion sensor: the light switches on to show the inside and switches off when the door is closed. The open modules, on the other hand, are equipped with mood lighting, which can be adjusted with a convenient remote control

The units of the Wallover® System accommodate various types of openings to meet different needs.

Pillar, characterised by its large capacity, is designed to accommodate the most precious finishes in the Caccaro palette on the large, linear surface of the swing door.

Bases and Wall units are versatile and flexible. They can be designed with a swing door, thanks to the innovative hinges recessed in the bottom of the module; a flap door, with the invisible mechanism hidden in the back; or, finally, a convenient drawer.

All of them equipped with the latest Push pull technology and soft-closing mechanism.

The freedom to choose from many finishes, different materials, any colour. Always water-based, for the sake of the environment and health. Odourless, non-toxic and non-flammable.

An incredible palette spanning textures and shades. Caccaro’s extensive offer allows you to personalise any environment and bring your style into the whole home.

Woods, High-gloss and Matt Lacquers, Oxid and the natural feel of Kera, inspired by the veining of marble. Choose from our colour palette or request a sample colour.

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