The inclination of space in the sleeping area.

Dresser and bedside units more inclined to traditional bedroom aesthetics.

A perfect night as regards shapes: a cube with width, depth and height that speak the same language. A night that comes from the past. But still present in homes with more traditional atmospheres. It is the night of the Riquadro collection: dresser and bedside units in 3 dimensions and drawers with identical heights. Clean aesthetic finishes, but with a detail that predominates. The 45-degree inclination in the surface outline, designed to create a tray effect. And characterising the holding space combined with the storage space of the drawers.

Here is the Riquadro frame: the shape of the tray. Hence the collection provides you with the space to put down personal objects before going to sleep. The 45-degree inclination on the edges of the supporting surface creates a tray effect. Glass finish also available.

Technical Details

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