Spaces on the move.

The collection of back panels and shelves which liven up the walls of the entire home.

The point of departure consists of two shelves and a back panel. After which you are free to move as you wish in the space at your disposal. You can fasten them to the wall of any area of the home. Staggered or centred. All right or all left.
You are free to choose the number: 2, 4, 6, 8 shelves. And between one and another, to insert a storage element. Or to choose a higher back panel to create space and position a new-generation TV.

The back panel keeps together the shelf structure. This way, the product of the Movida collection is not the single shelf, but the combination of back panels and shelves. You are free to choose the quantity and position. You can create several configurations: symmetric, asymmetric, aligned or off-centre. And give movement to wall spaces.

Technical Details

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