The headboard that bends for your back.

Pliè bends and supports you to ensure you take up the right posture.

You bend it to find the angle you prefer and assume the most correct position when you lie on the bed before sleeping. You collect it up and return it to its initial position when you decide the time has come to go to sleep. The headboard of the Pliè collection does not contain metal mechanisms. A combination of membranes between the panel folds permits their movement. This way, the back remains stiff and stable in its position to support you when you rest on it.

The headboard moves without technical mechanisms. What enables the panels to move is elementary bending. You can move them and angle them as you wish to read a book or a newspaper in bed in total comfort.

The bed base is Ring. You are free to upholster it with fabric. Only the bottom part and the two longer sides of the base will be upholstered because the top part is that of the headboard.

You can combine the side table with all the beds of the Caccaro collections. It has two surfaces for holding the objects you need near the bed: a bedside lamp, a book, the phone. It is transversal: you can also put it in the day area.

Technical Details

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