The hospitality of parentesi.

In the headboard, it welcomes you with an embrace. On the bed base, it supports you for your well-being.

What is more welcoming than an embrace? Soft, ergonomic, warm. These are the feelings you can experience if you immerge yourself in the proposals of the Parentesi collection. The curve of your headboard in upholstered fabric which embraces you when you rest on it. The Talamo base which adapts to the weight and shape of your body when you stretch out on the bed. This is a Caccaro exclusive.

The headboard of the Parentesi collection is secured to the bed base. Its curvature welcomes you with eyes closed and open arms. In the soft embrace of its upholstered fabric.

Talamo is the bed base for the Parentesi collection. Conceived, designed and made by Caccaro: the alternative to the traditional slat base. Its structure features a minimum thickness: it is almost invisible and totally ergonomic. The combination of thrusts and counter-thrusts of the inserts that make it up adapt the structure of the base to the weight of the body it has to support.

This is a ring-shaped bedside unit. The two drawers rotate around a pin: you move them horizontally and they open up to provide you with their storage space. You can choose to position it at the side of the bed. But it is also transversal: you are free to put it at the side of a sofa and use it to put things on.

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