At the base, your well-being.

The bed base is separate from the headboard. You are free to choose for your pleasure. And for your well-being.

Freedom is a space for expressing yourself. The Opus collection provides you with this space in the night area. Because it keeps the headboard separate from the bed base. So you are free to choose the two components separately. You can combine the headboard and the base with different colours and materials. And also focus more on your health by preferring materials studied for the well-being of your body while you sleep.

The headboard is separate from the bed base and anchored to the wall. So you have more freedom to choose the headboard panel and the bed base. Because the Opus collection can improve the well-being of your body. And you can choose a bed base made with materials studied for individual health.

The headboard is multimedia. Inside it are loudspeakers. You can connect these to an electronic device with Bluetooth connection. And you can listen to your favourite music, from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Light intensity is adjustable.

You can choose to place the Punto side-table at a point near the bed. Its curved shape provides you with a surface on which to put things and storage space. You are also free to choose it for the other Caccaro bed collections.

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