The wrap-around tenderness of wood.

In the shape of its curve, the cosiness of a headboard that panders to you.

Coccolo means tenderness in its maternal form, in its slim thicknesses and accommodating proportions. Coccolo is there where you need tenderness: in your bedroom, after a highly enjoyable day and shortly before you fall asleep. But Coccolo also means that craftsmen’s hands have worked top-quality wood and made the Coccolo collection your first choice.

The most common headboard thickness is 20 cm. The thickness of Coccolo is much less: 10 cm. And the skill of the craftsman has managed to create its characteristic curvature. We have selected top-quality wood to give the headboard utmost stability in combination with the bed base.

Talamo is the bed base for the Coccolo collection. Conceived, designed and made by Caccaro: an alternative to the traditional slat base. The structure features minimal thickness: almost invisible and completely ergonomic. The combination of thrusts and counter-thrusts of the inserts making it up adapt the base structure to the body weight of the person to be supported.

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