Soft and spacious, from the headboard to the base.

The comfort of a traditional bed. The functionality of a collection which tidies up the sleeping area.

They are the same as regards the bed base; they are different as regards the headboard. To give you more functionality in the comfort of a traditional bed. There is the softness and spaciousness of a bag in the Bag headboard: you open it with a zipper and it gives you the storage space you want. And there is the storage capacity of Tune: the elastic bands to withhold the cushions in the headboard and the large drawer under the bed base. Two solutions for multiple configurations. A collection for your freedom to choose the space to sleep in.

The Bag-Tune collection uses the space under the bed base. In its large drawers you will find space to store sheets, towels, clothes and everything which cannot find room in the sleeping area.

How many things are in your head? In the Bag headboard more than one. You can open it like a bag to take out or put in your books, your phone, a pack of handkerchiefs, a pen, a notebook, your tablet.

You can secure the pillows. And give them a place to stay. The headboard of the Tune collection withholds them under its elastic bands. This way, your pillows will always remain stable and tidy.

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